Vacuum Forming goes mainstream

One of our most loved machines in college was our huge vacuum former. Using A1 sheets of P.E.T and making moulds, containers, shells, and loads of interesting shapes and forms. It brought a little bit of commercial moulding capability to the average workshop which really allowed you to create shapes from plastic not really attainable through other means. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 10.19.54

Now a company called Mayku has launched a mini, consumer version of a vacuum former called FORMBOX that can live on your desk. This is making vacuum forming available to anyone with 349-459USD and a creative edge aimed at making moulded shapes for whatever project you are working on.


The Formbox creators have added some cute usage scenarios to the mix with the capability to make chocolate moulds, little plant pots and other household uses that will really make the machine more desirable to a more consumer targeted user.

13 Moulding a speaker_large15 Chocolate message_small

The idea of casting concrete shapes on our desk is a pretty nice thought and we’d be temped to get one for the studio albeit for the diminutive size.

26 Concrete cactus pot closeup_large

With a 200mm x 200mm build area it really limits the scope of what you can make.

Nonetheless, we’re intrigued. Nice job Mayku.

Source: Kickstarter


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