So TOP GEAR is good again.

The new version of Top Gear was met with plenty of trepidation and fear that it would take the masterpiece that Top Gear had been crafted into by the Clarkson, May and Hammond and run it into the ground.

If you saw episode 4 you saw the new Aston Martin Vulcan being hammered around by Chris Harris and it was amazing. The car is incredible, Chris certainly knows his stuff, and the cinematography in the Vulcan film was stunning and edgy. We were left wanting more action of the Vulcan so check out the video above. The New Top Gear has officially levelled up.


The first couple of episodes were judged and critiqued harshly and totally compared to the old format of the show. People didn’t like it. However now, 4 episodes in the aura has changed and the consensus is that Top Gear is good again! The new format is fresh, the new presenters are doing a good job, even Mr. Evans isn’t too annoying.

Now as we enjoy the next few episodes of Top Gear we also await the Grand Tour on Amazon . The only thought now though is that The GT will seem very dated and tired if it’s just the same larks the 3 lads were usually up to. Time will tell.


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