2017 Audi A5

Did you know it has been 10 years since the Audi A5 hit the market? Ya, I didn’t either… well, it will be ten in 2017, but the new model is previewed already. It really doesn’t seem like we have had this car for a decade considering it still looks fresh and sprightly. There must be some great deals going on original 2007 models, albeit with a fair few miles on the clock.

We’ve been admiring A5’s for years and while the rest of the Audi lineup has been
enjoying refreshes and facelifts the A5 hasn’t really had anything. Some would say they were working really hard to bring an incredible new version to the fore. But alas, the 2017 model looks like an incremental refresh with the expected more chiseled Audi looks.

However; don’t get me wrong. IT. LOOKS. GREAT.

The A5 is one of our favourite cars here, especially the S5 being one of the best looking cars on the market. The new model is promised larger and more economical with a new array of engines topping out at the S5 (no RS5 announced yet) with a 354bhp 3.0L V6 8-Speed Auto.

This car also carries Audi’s virtual cockpit allowing user tailoring of the info presented to you and you can also control and sync your car via your phone or apple TV.

So far the new A5 looks brill and we look forward to seeing the new Sportback version and of course the much anticipated RS model.

Nice job Audi.


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