Aston Martin Zagato Concept (and a bit of DB11)


I was out on the bike this morning in preparation for a few up coming events. It was a beautiful morning and there were plenty of cyclists out making for a great buzz. There were also a few guys with a different idea for the morning and they were hitting the tarmac a lot faster than us in some nice cars. On a small windy coastal road a stunning, brand new 2016 SL400 overtook us in a heartbeat, it’s V6 blaring past. We were ooggling it as it went past but then we hear a much more satisfying roar coming up behind us hot on the heels of the Merc. An 11 year old Aston Martin DB9 throttles past with the most beautiful sound coming from its 5.9L V12 engine.

Never mind the Merc now, even as an 11 year old car that Aston tearing by made my day. What a sound!

That’s the thing about Astons, they never fail to impress and they always have that covetable appeal whether the looks, the sound or just plain because it’s an Aston Martin.

Last month we were enthralled with the announcement of the DB11. Video Below the break.

The DB11 really seemed to be taking everything exhibited by the James Bond Limited Edition Spectre DB10 Concept and applying it to a real, substantial, jaw dropping new Aston. Check out the above video of the DB11 in action and you’ll begin your Aston Martin cravefest.

Anyway, just recently Aston Martin have announced another new concept, the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato.  It is a collaboration between Aston and Zagato an Italian auto design centre and it is pretty damn nice looking.

With a 100% carbon fibre body and a 590BHP V12 this thing will definitely move, but even standing still it looks like its traveling faster than most other cars can.

We’re certainly looking forward to test driving one of these 😉


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