About – Why Curvebase?

Mainly because we love design and products. Being fed up of others points of view on products. Also wanting to carve a little space on the internet to share our thoughts and input on the world of design, technology, cool stuff with the odd burger sprinkled here and there.


This was the inspiration for CURVEBASE. CURVE filling in for design, creativity, staying-ahead-of-the-curve etc. BASE stating that this is the base where you can get all of that. Also, Base is a cool word. Base Jump, Base Camp, Baseball…etc.etc…..

Expect good content. Expect some randomness. We’re not even really sure where this is going so bear with us. But it’s going somewhere. We read a lot. And have a lot of opinions on products. This will be some sort of weird combination of all of this.

More coming soon when we figure it out a bit more.

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