Aston Martin Zagato Concept (and a bit of DB11)


I was out on the bike this morning in preparation for a few up coming events. It was a beautiful morning and there were plenty of cyclists out making for a great buzz. There were also a few guys with a different idea for the morning and they were hitting the tarmac a lot faster than us in some nice cars. On a small windy coastal road a stunning, brand new 2016 SL400 overtook us in a heartbeat, it’s V6 blaring past. We were ooggling it as it went past but then we hear a much more satisfying roar coming up behind us hot on the heels of the Merc. An 11 year old Aston Martin DB9 throttles past with the most beautiful sound coming from its 5.9L V12 engine.

Never mind the Merc now, even as an 11 year old car that Aston tearing by made my day. What a sound!

That’s the thing about Astons, they never fail to impress and they always have that covetable appeal whether the looks, the sound or just plain because it’s an Aston Martin.

Last month we were enthralled with the announcement of the DB11. Video Below the break.

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Who doen’t like hitting stuff?

We love hitting stuff. And we love well designed products. Here’s the best of both.

Tools are great, we’re big tool nerds and while we might not have huge budgets to buy all the expensive specialized tools out there we happily appreciate and drool over new tool porn.

Hammers, probably the most simple and oldest form of tool haven’t really changed much since ever, but recently there have been a slew of new hammers bringing high-tec materials to the mix with lightweight composites and shock absorbing designs. Fiskars new ISOCORE range seems to be leading the way in terms of look and functionality.

Featuring their recognisable colour-set their new hammers cover a range of uses and range in price from about 40-70 dollars depending on size.

Basically an AMG Qashqai


We all know the crossover market has been going mad the last few years and every car maker has been jumping on the bandwagon. Mercedes released the GLC not so long ago and now AMG has gotten their awesome little tweaking, horsepower-creating hands on it.

Behold the AMG GLC 43.

Twin-turbo 3L V6 animal with 363 horses and lots of torque. It doesnt look too bad either… for a mercedes.

2017 Audi A5

Did you know it has been 10 years since the Audi A5 hit the market? Ya, I didn’t either… well, it will be ten in 2017, but the new model is previewed already. It really doesn’t seem like we have had this car for a decade considering it still looks fresh and sprightly. There must be some great deals going on original 2007 models, albeit with a fair few miles on the clock.

We’ve been admiring A5’s for years and while the rest of the Audi lineup has been
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The best just got better. BOSE QC35

Bose’s QC25 headphones have really been the best thing in noise canceling over ear headphones on the market for quite some time now. Essential for long flights, epic productive work sessions and just generally enjoying your jams wherever you are.

Now they’ve gone wireless. Introducing the QC35 Bose Bluetooth, Noise Cancelling Headphones. Still managing the same 20 hours battery life but now with wireless streaming in the mix.

Not much else to say really except my QC25s are still in like new condition if anyone wants to buy them 😉