Smart anything.

We love the smart revolution that’s happening over the last few years. It’s great to see the slew of new products that are bringing little bits of connected smartness to various devices and products that have always been dumb products. It’s a little haphazard at the moment however; with smart this and smart that coming out when it’s not entirely clear if it’s even necessary to have a particular smart product. “Smart” technology is finding it’s feet I guess and after a while it will probably become ubiquitous for products to be “Smart” and connected and they will no longer be referred to as Smart. They just will be.


Tables won’t be smart tables, they’ll just charge your personal devices and sync data and display metrics and record stats and offer personalised content for whoever is sitting at them. Car’s will become so smart that I can see steering wheels disappearing and we can expect scenes like in iRobot where cars tailgate autonomously in cavalcades along highways efficiently traveling at highspeed and ejecting individual cars when they need to get off for their destination. Drones will probably become every-day items and you’ll probably never have to walk your dog again, your drone will do it or some kind of “Smart” collar. Video after the break  Continue reading “Smart anything.”

Vacuum Forming goes mainstream

One of our most loved machines in college was our huge vacuum former. Using A1 sheets of P.E.T and making moulds, containers, shells, and loads of interesting shapes and forms. It brought a little bit of commercial moulding capability to the average workshop which really allowed you to create shapes from plastic not really attainable through other means.  Continue reading “Vacuum Forming goes mainstream”