Who doen’t like hitting stuff?

We love hitting stuff. And we love well designed products. Here’s the best of both.

Tools are great, we’re big tool nerds and while we might not have huge budgets to buy all the expensive specialized tools out there we happily appreciate and drool over new tool porn.

Hammers, probably the most simple and oldest form of tool haven’t really changed much since ever, but recently there have been a slew of new hammers bringing high-tec materials to the mix with lightweight composites and shock absorbing designs. Fiskars new ISOCORE range seems to be leading the way in terms of look and functionality.

Featuring their recognisable colour-set their new hammers cover a range of uses and range in price from about 40-70 dollars depending on size.

So you want to build a boat

One of the best adventures you can have is taking to the ocean and one of the best ways to do that is in a boat you built your self. Shipwright Louis Sauzedde is an old school master builder who is currently producing a series of videos showing you how to do just that. Continue reading “So you want to build a boat”

Two things we love in the same video

There’s two things we love watching here at Curve Base are hydraulic presses and water cutting machines. Put the two together in the same video and you have gold. There’s something quite satisfying about watching the water splice apart the heavy steel of the hydraulic press.  The end results are really beautiful and could easily be framed in a gallery. Bonus action of a few Irwin Quick Clamps being used to hold everything in place.

Cut in Half