Mirrorless Medium Format is here, and IT. IS. BEAUTIFUL.

People say real photography is dead because of smartphones having better and better cameras. Everyone has a brilliant camera in their pocket now all the time. But how brilliant are they really? Hasselblads new X1D would argue that phone cameras are shockingly awful but of course it is bringing it’s medium format digital 50megapixel CMOS sensor with 14 stops of DR and ISO up to 25600 to the table. And without a mirror! This has allowed the dudes at Hasselblad to create a camera with a new form factor not seen in the medium format world before. The new weather sealed body is SMALL and features striking industrial design with beautiful chamfers and lines, and meticulously positioned dials.

Pegged as the Medium Format camera for the ‘Everyman’ the X1D is prices from $9000 to just over 11K we don’t quite think this classifies as everyman pricing but remember that this is medium format we are talking about!

Now we are just imagining the day somewhere down the line when smartphones have medium format sensors 😀

Anyways nice one Hasselblad, we love your new camera.

Two things we love in the same video

There’s two things we love watching here at Curve Base are hydraulic presses and water cutting machines. Put the two together in the same video and you have gold. There’s something quite satisfying about watching the water splice apart the heavy steel of the hydraulic press.  The end results are really beautiful and could easily be framed in a gallery. Bonus action of a few Irwin Quick Clamps being used to hold everything in place.

Cut in Half

Vacuum Forming goes mainstream

One of our most loved machines in college was our huge vacuum former. Using A1 sheets of P.E.T and making moulds, containers, shells, and loads of interesting shapes and forms. It brought a little bit of commercial moulding capability to the average workshop which really allowed you to create shapes from plastic not really attainable through other means.  Continue reading “Vacuum Forming goes mainstream”