Stranger Things 360 VR Experience

Do you have VR goggles?



VERY VERY VERY Excited about VR racing.

Apparently, according to a leaked source, a new version of Driveclub is going to be released for PS4 which will be VR compatible, just in time for the launch of Sonys Playstation VR system.

We’ve been very excited about the up and coming new Gran Turismo game and have talked about the hope of them including a VR mode in GT however we feel like this is unlikely. GT usually focuses on it’s core offerings and we can’t imagine them jumping on the VR bandwagon straight away.

However we are craving a VR racing game and having played Driveclub for PS4 since it’s release we’re happy enough in the hope that the next Driveclub will be VR compatible. It’s a pretty good game. We just can’t wait to experience the above view n 360degrees with a steering wheel, on the couch in (almost) real life graphics. Bring. It. On.